Two researchers in a lab

New Understanding and Approaches

Dedicated research driven by five directors and their research teams will provide the evidence for new models of medical care and education that are scalable across Ontario, and beyond.

A director of Health Outcomes Research will look at the costs associated with our current system and determine how to identify sub-populations that are at-risk for simultaneous mental and physical illness. This research team will also concern itself with the tail end of the Institute’s spectrum of activity, developing publications on the effectiveness of innovations and conducting ongoing evaluations so results inform evolving models of care and education.

Biomedical research, led by the Director of Body-Brain Health Integration, will define the links between mental and physical health, helping to promote the importance of integrated care and directly informing the entire continuum of care across screening, diagnosis, treatment and follow-up community support. The team will identify gaps in current biomedical knowledge and conduct biological and physiological research such as CT scans of those with medically unexplained symptoms.

New clinical approaches will be informed by the directors and teams responsible for Collaborative Care Research and Child and Youth Health & Family Services. Teams will determine why patients are falling through the cracks and identify models to provide better care as well as opportunities to scale these models. Approaches will be prototyped, designed, tested and validated within the Institute care settings with patient group samples numbering approximately one thousand.

Ultimately, the research component will fill a fundamental gap in our knowledge about the relationship between physical and mental illness. It will also inform new models for medical student training using the University of Toronto third-year clerkship pool as the testing sample. 

Extending beyond this base, the MPA will expand its scope to include practicing health care professionals. The development and evaluation of health professions education innovation will be led by a Director of Curriculum Renewal who will lead a team working within U of T and across hospitals.



2015-2016: Click here for a list of MPA-related scholarly publications from this fiscal period.