Medical Psychiatry Collaborative Care Certificate (MP3C)

As part of a new approach to the education of healthcare providers, the Medical Psychiatry Alliance (MPA) is offering the Medical Psychiatry Collaborative Care Certificate (MP3C), a continuing education program currently being developed to support learning in integrated mental and physical collaborative health care. The program aims to provide education resources for healthcare providers who would like to be better equipped to assess and manage patients with co-existing mental and physical health needs.

The assessment, management and prevention of integrated mental and physical health remains a challenge in our healthcare system. Healthcare providers and their teams are faced with increasing complexity of patients with co-existing mental and physical health needs as a common, clinical issue in daily practice. To address these needs, the MP3C will provide innovative and accessible education for practicing healthcare providers across healthcare sectors and patient populations.

As the MP3C and its modules are being developed, the program will be continuing consultations with current and future participants to understand the continuing education gaps and requirements for integrated collaborative care across Ontario. 

The Medical Psychiatry Collaborative Care Certificate (MP3C)

The MP3C, which will continue to be developed to meet the needs of the individual healthcare providers and their teams, currently consists of:

  • Foundational Modules - designed to introduce you and your team to integrated mental and physical health, collaborative care models, engaging the patient and family as partners in integrated collaborative care, and improving the quality of care.
  • Clinical and Skills-Building Modules - focused on integrated and collaborative tools and resources, and will include opportunities to learn to implement and evaluate them in the clinical setting. Coming Soon!
  • Team and Project-Based Modules - provides the opportunity for health care providers, together in a team, to work through an integrated mental and physical collaborative guided project. Coming Soon!

Who should register?
The MP3C modules are designed for all healthcare providers (i.e. nurses, physicians, social workers, occupational and physical therapists, primary care, etc.), as well as managers and administrators in primary care, hospital, long-term care and community care settings who are working with patients and families to address complex care needs, with a particular focus on co-existing mental and physical needs. 

To register, click here.

What's being offered?
Currently the MP3C Foundational Modules are being offered. But be sure to check back regularly throughout 2017, as a number of new modules and content will be released.

Early offerings of modules are currently free of charge and participants will have the unique opportunity to contribute to the development and refinement of offerings.

Accreditation and certification
All attendees will receive a certificate of attendance for each module they participate in. We are also pleased to inform you that many of the MP3C continuing education modules have been designated as University of Toronto Accredited events and awarded credits with College of Family Physicians of Canada – Mainpro+ and Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada – Section 1. 

Coming soon...
As modules and content continue to be developed and offered the MP3C is working towards a full 40 hour certificate program. In the initial launch phase, the MP3C offered the following three modules in the Fall of 2016; more modules will follow in 2017.

Contact information
Deepy Sur, ​​MP3C Director of Operations  and  Manager , Simulation & Technology Enhanced Education
Trillium Health Partners

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