The Impact

Patients and Families

The MPA aims to offer tremendous peace of mind for patients and their families. They will find it easier to navigate the health care system and will see a reduction in the number of visits to health professionals.

This last point is especially important in the case of seniors and those with small children for whom travel can itself worsen their mental or physical condition. Expected outcomes include:

  • Integrated care with the potential to increase medication adherence of patients by 40%
  • Increased medication adherence leading to decreased costs. For example, proper treatment for depression and hypertension can result in a 12.5 per cent decrease in emergency room visits6 and a 17 per cent decrease in hospitalization rates7, respectively
  • A 30 per cent reduction in hospitalization for patients with both a physical and mental illness, extrapolating from the above figures
  • Improved attendance and performance at work and school
  • Decreased mortality due to reduction in heart failure
  • Improved quality of care for mental health patients